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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  December 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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the time the people on the second floor realized that the fire was happening. we begin with the latest developments in the oakland fire tragedy, within the last 90 minutes, oakland mayor libby schaaf announced a special task force to look at fire safety issues in oakland. city officials are following up on any safety report that they receive. federal investigators said the fire started on the first floor. the fire was fully involved before people on the second floor realized what was happening. there was no evidence of any spoke detectors in the house, no conclusion has been reached as to what started the fire. investigators said there is no
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evidence that the fire was intentionally set. we are live at the office of emergency services where the mayor and the atf updated us on the situation. >> reporter: in the last 10 minutes, the press conference ended. it took 45 minutes to go through the questions. a building and code inspector's office was here. we learned that the warehouse had not been spebted for the past 30 years because no permits -- inspected for the past 30 years, in part because there were no permits ever issued. in 2014, an inspector went out on a complaint that there was an illegal house being built but the inspector did not see
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any houses and left. mayor libby schaaf released details about a three part plan to insure safety for warehouses across the city. this is part of what she said. >> my properties for this task force are enhanced building safety, event safety and complaint procedures. some areas where we will be considering new regulations include smoke alarms and carbon monoxide monitors, enhanced fire inspections and stronger emergency exit requirements. the permitting of events and the monitoring of illegal events. >> reporter: she also said they are working on clarifying the
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responsibility of employees to properly report illegal living situations. she said that she wants artists in oakland to have an affordable place to work and live. they said that people inside did not have a chance to escape. they believe that the smoke went up the stairwell and trapped people on the second floor. they believe that the fire started on the first floor. the atf said there was no evidence of a fire alarm system or sprinkler system. there were two stairwells but neither led to an exit and they believed that victims were consumed by smoke. >> the fire was well developed by the people on the second floor realized that the fire was happening on the first
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floor. >> reporter: atf investigators will be remaining on the scene for a few more days, the final count of victims stands at 36. 32 families have been notified. one victim was yet to be identified. the atf, again, said they have not found the source of the fire. they have not determined if it was a refrigerator or something else. >> it's interesting, the special agent from the atf said it may not be the frifer and she chastised reporters for -- refrigerator and chastised reporters for reporting that. but it was the fire department that prawt that up. >> reporter: yes, we also learned that he got the
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information from the atf but the atf does not want to jump to conclusions. if it was the refrigerator, we will not know for several days but right now they are saying, let us do our work and let us do an investigation. we do not have a cause. >> thank you. today we learned the names of two more victims, a 35 year old and a 61 year old. the coroners office has notified 32 of the 36 families. officials are in the process of negative three more families and one victim needs scientific identification. we have been profiling the victims to get a picture of who they were and what they were like and how they touched the lives of those that knew them. we have more on two of the
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people whose names were released late last night. >> reporter: each of the victims had a story, in every case a story that was cut too short. at the inkstone pripting shop across from the berkeley campus, -- printing shop across from the berkeley campus, a memorial stands for jo. she told people at work she was planning on going to the dance party in oakland. >> she was looking forward to going to the party. it sounds like something she was into. >> reporter: her family lives in south korea but she grew up in southern california.
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she was active in the arts community and she made frents wherever she went. >> she would say hi to everyone on the streets. >> reporter: at green apple books and music in san francisco, post it notes written about johnny are still on the records. he was the music buyer of the store. >> he was an important part of the community. >> reporter: he was the dj and he was performing at the ghost ship. the evener of the green apple said this is the last photo of him taken. he told the store he would be going to the party. >> we were invited. >> reporter: but the store's staff did not go. he loved music and also worked
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for pandora. >> we loved him. it's just not going to happen any more. >> reporter: his younger brother wrote onfacebook, no single person has effected or influenced me more than my older brother. just heart breaking stories. thank you rob. another heart breaking story, two of the victims in the rubble were holding each other before they died. their friends have comfort in knowing that they were text in their final moments. our coverage of the oakland warehouse fire continues online at our website, warehouse fire. there you will find information
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on how to help those effected by the fire and indepth stories about the tragedy. >> tense moments in san francisco as a house was on fire near san carlos street. crews quickly put out the fire. neighbors said a homeless man living in the house promised to burn it last night and apparently he made good on the threat. >> he said he was going to light the building on fire. >> did you believe him? >> no, we did not think it was going to happen. >> it seems typical in this neighborhood. an abandoned building being used by squatters. they get kicked out and get
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angy and start a fire. >> the police are searching for the arson suspect. rain has arrived in the bay area. tonight is the beginning, it's expected to stick around for the next several days. i want to go to bill for a look at what to expect. it's not only raining, it's cold outside. >> we have some snow in the higher elevations in the north. last night was cold, into the 20s in some places. the rain freezes in the valleys. i have had some reports of interesting weather in the bay area. the showers have been very light. as you look at the radar imagery, accumulations are under an inch, very light
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shower activity. just enough to glaze the roadways. if you go north, i have snow around the clear lake, middle town area. we have a heavy rain cell in santa rosa but in the bay area it's been very light. looking at oakland and redwood city and san jose, light scattered showers. it's going to continue to be unsettled weather tomorrow and through the weekend. the challenge is timing these out. also if you are heading to the mountains, there is a winter weather advisory now that may turn into a winter storm warning. this is the radar. when i come back, i will look at the computer models. over the past year, the
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initials blm have become synonomous in the fight for change, but now black lives matter want to help you understand them. >> reporter: we have information on what black lives matter means. >> it's not a moment, it's a movement. >> reporter: this church leader spear heads the discussion and seeks input from the group. she said the hashtag following the trayvon martin killing went viral. >> it holds up the lives of all marginalized people. >> reporter: the tv perception of the movement has been drowned out in recent months by scenes of protests and
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violence. many people are confused by the name and concerned that they have a singular fee kus. >> as soon as we learn to practice inclusion, we will erase the lines of racism and discrimination. >> reporter: nationally and locally there are fears that a change in washington, dc will change racial relations. >> we all came together and discussed what is hurting us and what we are afraid of in today's america. >> reporter: they are tough questions but people here believe that the discussion will put everyone on the path to answers. thank you. a man hunt is underway in georgia where a shooting has left one police officer dead
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and another in critical condition. police are looking for a felon wanted on multiple warrants. the suspect opened fire on the police officers and the campus of george state was put on lock down. the officer is from the america's police department. president-elect donald trump is chosen as time magazine's man of the year but he disagrees with part of the title on the cover. >> a tenant shows pictures of the inside of the ghost ship showing people living in rv's. it's a story you will only see on ktvu fox news. >> you are hurting us, this is
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hurting us, you should have waited longer. >> confrontation between an oakland business owner's daughter and an artist over the safety of a warehouse, why one artist took exception to people pointing out unsafe living conditions. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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. a news conference over the conditions at another oakland warehouse and how the space is being used turned into a shouting match between people worried about a possible fire and the artists that live there. we are live from the news room with what happened.
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>> reporter: a lot of people live in illegal communes, sacrificing privacy for low rent. whe heard from the -- we heard from the owner of a barbecue restaurant in jack london square. >> went five years ago i lived in a warehouse. >> reporter: she called the media in to tell us about a warehouse called the salt lick. that drew the ire of some in the underground community. >> the reason you reporters are here is uncalled for and out of line. >> reporter: they said miss king is looking for publicity.
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>> we want to have what we had, but to have it safe. >> reporter: in fact mrs. king wanted to city to help the artists get safety. >> they will come in and help, not shut it down. take the warehouses and invest money into them and get the proper permits. >> reporter: king said she did not file a formal complaint because of the city's poor track record with complaints. instead, she said she talked to the mayor. >> the building next door has housed a number of people. i know for a fact there is only one way and and out. i could come here on a friday or saturday night and there are people lined up around the block. i already know it's not
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licensed. i am trying to get it licensed. >> reporter: the man that claimed king was doing this for publicity drew the ire of her daughter. >> she's trying to work with other people that you do not know. >> you have no idea, are you hurting us, this is hurting us. >> i'm sorry. >> you should have waited longer. >> you do not tell me what i should have done. >> my friends died. >> reporter: his friends died in an unpermitted nonresidential zone. we get a mess ang from the
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-- message from the warehouse saying king's behavior will marginalize the people that gravitate towards spaces like the ghost ship. president-elect donald trump named more members to his cabinet today. he named james mattis as the secretary of defense. congress is taking steps to wave the seven year period before a military person can head the pentagon. he also appointed linda mcmahon for the small business association and general kelly for homeland security. he also named scott preu preu
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-- scott pruitt for the epa. president-elect donald trump is on the cover of time magazine. it says president-elect donald trump, divided states of america. president-elect donald trump objects to in a. there is a light rain falling making travel this afternoon difficult. sometimes when it rains a little bit, the road is slick but you do not feel like you have to slow down, but the roads are slick. so that makes it more dangerous, people are driving too quickly because they do not
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think it's raining hard. so it's raining lightly now, i checked the accumulations. under a 10th of an inch of rain. we are ceiling snow around the clear lake area. that's good news. snow is coming down to 4800 feet because of the cold air lingering from this morning. we had lows in the 20s last night. napa and petaluma getting some showers. a light glaze of moisture on the 24 and on 580. the san mateo bridge is slippery, you get a false sense of security when it's not raining hard but the roads are slick and they will continue that way throughout the night. tomorrow morning more rain shows up and it will slicken
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the roads for the thursday morning commute. so this is the forecast, the thursday morning commute. in the morning, it's 48 in san francisco. by lunch time, 53 degrees. scattered showers thursday afternoon. so thursday morning's commute looks wet. thursday afternoon, light scattered showers. in the mountains, a winter weather advisory. snow levels below 5,000 feet in some cases. a plan to get the homeless off the streets. the homes are picked out but residents across the street say, no so fast, we tell you what they are worried about coming up. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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call today. comcast business. built for business. . some residents in mountain vie are not happy about a any proposal to house the homeless. under the plan the homeless would be placed in the middle of million dollars homes. people were upset at a receipt santa clara water district meeting. >> reporter: on one side of this street are million dollars homes, on the other, homes that the santa clara water district would like to offer to the
5:28 pm
homeless. >> when you see these people, some of them are veterans, are you going to turn their backs on them. >> reporter: neighbors are concerned about their property values. >> it's changing the face of the neighborhood. >> reporter: the water district said the changes will happen gradually. the neighborhood socials wonders why here? >> the nearest services are 2 miles away, we do not know how anyone, unless they have transportation, can live theer comfortably. >> reporter: the water district approved two other measures, one to declare some land surplus so it could be sold to build fortable housing, the other was to offer trash removal jobs to the homeless.
5:29 pm
this man said people need to care. >> we are responsible enough to help. >> reporter: residents said they have sympathetic but they need nor information. >> temperature -- more information. tell us more. prsm the district has agreed to listen to the neighbor's concerns before taking the. >> the district has agreed to listen to the neighbor's concerns before taking the matter up again. coming up, video of the ghost ship. >> when i interview people, i always look for people with a warm heart. they were really good kids.
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>> they were found embraced in the warehouse fire. those that knew the victims take comfort in knowing that they were not alone when they died. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance.
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healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. . federal investigators said this afternoon that the deadly oakland warehouse fire started on the first floor and the fire was fully involved before people on the second floor
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realized what was happening. by then investigators said they were trapped by the smoke below them. officials also found no evidence of fire alapser or smoke detectors in the wear you -- fire alarms or smoke detectors in the warehouse. we have new video showing what the warehouse looked like. ross has that video, it's something you will only see on two. we have seen some still pictures, we talked about the wiring, it was not legal. does the video show us something we have not seen. >> reporter: yes, a tenant came to us with this video. she said all of the pictures
5:34 pm
out there were the good pictures. those were the pictures taken when the owner would come to visit so everything looked clean and perfect. she said that was not the reality, day by day. >> how old was the video. >> reporter: she's an artist, she lived there to years ago, she said what she saw was so disturbing she had to get out for safety reasons. >> tenants were plaining about the -- complaining about the conditions to derick almena, also known as derick ion, but he did not address them. >> reporter: she spoke to us
5:35 pm
about the conditions. she said he never changed anything. >> this is video shoe took? >> reporter: yes, she took it two years ago. another artist wrote a letter to the manager complaining about it. now for the first time we are seeing what she saw. >> broken bathrooms, propane tanks, even rvs parked inside. shelly rented an rv when she was an artist living here. >> reporter: why is there a propane tank in the bathroom. >> to heat the water for the showers. >> reporter: did you think it was a huge fire problem. >> yes.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: it was because of the clutter, the hot plates and this jacked up junction box that she september this letter to derick almena, also known as derick ion, demanding a safer place to live, she suggested a safer place. >> reporter: can you imagine trying to gelt out of here. >> you cannot get out regularly. with smoke, forget it. >> reporter: she said she sent exit plans to the manager, but he forgot them. two investigates has already uncovered documents showing how the city of oakland was also told 10 times about code problemses here, two of which
5:37 pm
were code violations. new documents show an inspector's comments written a week ago. cannot see if there is an illegal building from the sidewalk, the property has a chain link fence in front. >> nothing was up to code, everything was illegal. >> reporter: shelly is reliving her attempts to get help two years before. >> every person that came there and did not do anything is guilty. every police officer and housing inspector is guilty. >> reporter: that renter said she called the police for other incidents and was surprised that they never took notice about the conditions. she did not call about the conditions, she called about
5:38 pm
other things, but she was surprised that the police did not notice. she also said that there were a few fires before but the tenets put them out. she said people that lived there were afraid because they did not have any place to live. >> so the police officers were inside in the past, but did not take notice of the code rks. >> they were there enforcing criminal laws. she said they did not take notice. she has no documents, just her words, but she said if the inspectors would have followed up, these people would not have died. >> why didn't she taked video to authorizes? >> she said she was afraid. she was not the only one that
5:39 pm
lived there. >> but she left. >> she said she was afraid. she tells us she was threatened with a gun at one point. there were a variety of reasons that she left. everyone was afraid but nobody came forward to authorities because they were worried and needed a place to live. >> ives there are other buildings of concern out there. we are going to keep looking into this. it's one of the most touching stories to come out of the ghost ship fire and the most tragic. investigators found the bodies of a man and woman in the rubble, hugging each other. we have more on the love story of mack greg dpreg and alex
5:40 pm
vega -- mack greg greg and -- michela gregory and alex vega. >> it looks like the male was trying to protect the female. he had his arm under her as if they were hugging. >> friends and family said they took comfort in knowing that they were not alone when they died. >> they are both kind, compassionate individuals. >> they both worked the night shift here. >> i always find people with warm hearts. they were really good kids. >> people here having struggling to cope. >> it was very hard. saturday when i first herd, it was the typical, no way, it has
5:41 pm
to be someone else. >> reporter: friends said alex vega loved cars, he pursued the arts, from painting to electronic music. michela gregory studied child development at sf state. people that worked with them said they had a strong work ethic. >> i am old enough to be their grand parent. i got close to them. >> reporter: friends and family said they will hold a memorial for them in san bruno. they are finding peace in knowing that they were together until the end. thank you. i can go to our website, for continuing coverage of the deadly
5:42 pm
warehouse fire. you will find information on how to help the victim's families, more videos and our stories on the investigation. we are going to take a break, we will be right back
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world war world war two. today thousands of military personnel and veterans observed a moment of silence at 7:55 a.m., the moment the united states was attacked. >> we have an pressure opportunity to reflect on what it means to be a patriot and what it means to be a nation tested by war and to reflect on the kofs and the blessings of liberty -- kofs and the bless -- costs and the blessings of liberty. >> the prime minister of japan is going to visit the pearl harbor memorial later in the month. >> the anniversary was a time of reflection and remembering for people in the bay area. >> i have been doing this for a lot of years, it's nice to have
5:46 pm
the survivors remembered. i have been a widow 11 years, it's nostalgic for me as well. >> the widow of a survivor was among many that attended an event at coast guard island this morning. a bay area college football star that gained national attention is leaving. stanford says good by to christian as he makes a big decision. >> more showers in the forecast, i have the models lined up for you. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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all seems beautiful to me.
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. next year stanford fans will have to cheer for christian mccaffrey on an nfl team. he is entering the draft. >> reporter: one of the greatest players in college football history is taking his game to the next level. >> i am ready, my body is in the position that it needs to be in to play at the next level. i love to play football. it's been my dream since i was six years old. for me is a financial decision.
5:50 pm
can he raise his stock, the answer is, no. >> reporter: his risumi includes the longest yards ever. >> it's impossible to put his career into context in this conference. i had a front row seat to all of it and i say, wow. >> reporter: now comes the debate about where he fits at the nfl. skeptics say he is too small to be an everyday running back. but those that watched him throughout the years insist he can do anything and everything. >> you name it. >> i think that i am ready for everything. i am excited to translate that to the next level. >> there are a lot of teams that are licking their chops at
5:51 pm
a guy that is a swiss army knife of a human being, there is not much he cannot do and do it well. >> reporter: i asked if this puts his stanford career in perspective. he saids hat not -- has not thought about it ought all. he is concentrated on the sun bowl with his teammates. scattered showers out there right now making for a wet afternoon commute. some snow falling around lake county. in the lake tahoe area, a winter weather advisory rolls over into a storm warning in the next 12 hours. lets look around, the afternoon commute does not have heavy rain but you are wet on the roadways. along clear lake you have some
5:52 pm
snow falling down to 4200 feet. it was 28 degrees in the napa valley this morning. oakland getting some heavier showers. san francisco heavy. the bay view district by san rafael you are getting scattered showers as you head south. it's raining out there. just one of those days, lets look at the forecast for santa rosa, by 10:00 tonight, you get a quarter of an inch. showers are picking up tonight. there is the morning commute in the north bay, you have some wind there. up to half an inch of rain and scattered showers throughout the day into the afternoon hours with relatively light rainfall accumulations. the cool system is not holding
5:53 pm
a lot of water. tonight, showers. tomorrow morning, showers, tomorrow afternoon, showers and then in the five-day forecast, showers into friday morning and then saturday night into sunday and monday. it's a wet weather pattern, it's what we expect and what we want. thank you. it was once a driving artist's warehouse until the city stepped in and forced them out. now the residence are accusing the property management of refusing to make repairs. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
. the deadly oakland warehouse fire has focused teaps on possible code violations at artist' collectives around the city. >> reporter: this is a situation where the city took action, angers the artists that were forced to move and now they are suing the property management. 1919 market street used to be an artist' warehouse. this man lived there for several years, in the weak of
5:57 pm
the fire in oakland, he agreed that safety is important but not if it means leaving residents in the cold. >> i see the comparison, but i have lived in places where the landlords cared enough to fix the place. >> reporter: now they are suing the property management of refusing to make repairs. the building is now being turned into market rate units. these attorneys represent the plaintiffs. >> you are vealing with a vulnerable population of artists. unfortunately they are put in this position of choosing between housing and safety. >> reporter: like the ghost ship rk the attorneys said this building was once vibrant too. >> it was another world of
5:58 pm
artist' studios, music sets, a neat art stick community was -- artistic community was displaced an 1919 market. maybe it saved their lives but one thing that is important is that these are only two of these artists' collectives. >> we are not trying to displace people but we want to make sure that they have a safe environment to live in. >> there is no reason why oakland cannot do live work spaces. >> reporter: the goal is to find a balance between safety and affordable housing. ktvu fox news at 6:00
5:59 pm
starts now. the fire has been a devastating tragedy but it would be another tragedy if we did not learn lessons. >> tonight the city of oakland is taking steps to prevent another devastating fire. this as the city names for victims killed in the fire. how friends and family are paying tribute to them tonight. >> we always looked for people with a warm heart. there were just good kids, they always had a warm smile. >> he made us all fall for him and that is not going to happen any more. >> it's been five days since the fire ripped through the ghost ship warehouse. we have live pictures from the scene at 31st and international
6:00 pm
where rain arrived but not before officials completed their search of the warehouse. today we learned about how the fire spread. investigators confirmed it started on the first floor of the warehouse trapping people on the second floor even before they knew it was burning. mayor libby schaaf created a task force to look into fire concerns across the city. the streets are opening. but the source of the fire is still being investigated. >> we are also learning more about the people killed in the fire. this afternoon, officials released two more names. both victims were from oakland. >> we have live team coverage on the tragedy. first christina joins us live


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